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Media plays a unique role in our growth and development. The survival of an ordinary peasant’s extra ordinary interference over a well advanced field of cultivation invariably depends on the favour and freedom of the media. It was first media that highlighted the advantages of our innovative venture….


Publication Topics
June 29, 2001 The Hindu B L New rubber budding method developed
January 10, 2005. The N I E, KKD Young budding fetches national award for farmer
Februvary 28, 2005 The Hindu Young budding technique for rubber growers
March 1, 2005 Tuesday The N I E, Kochi A budding revolution in rubber plantation
June 9 2006, Friday The N I E, KKD Tapping a better yield via young buds

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  • In honor of Karshakasree K. C. Kuriakose’s achievements in the field of Young Budding technique, he has won the National Grassroots Technological Innovations And Traditional Knowledge Awards Instituted by the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) under the Union Department of Science and Technology .
  • In short, the innovation of this scientific technique has challenged and revolutionized the conventional method of Brown Budding and Green Budding. It adds a vibrant impact upon the rubber planters throughout Kerala and other rubber growing regions of India.
  • Based on our experience, the most covetous achievement of Young Budded rubber plants is that they become ready for tapping in 5 years as compared to the seven or more of Brown Budded rubber plants.
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